“I really enjoy the weekly “Link Roundup”. I’ve found it eye-opening to see so many other women that are actively involved in public speaking. Most tech conferences that I have attended include very few female speakers so it led me to believe that the chances of me succeeding as a conference presenter were slim. I now feel more positive about embarking on this new journey!”

Annyce Davis


“The Technically Speaking Digest has been a really great confidence booster for me. The links provide really great speaking tips that I’m trying to include in my work and have encouraged me to start speaking at more events and conferences.”

Daniel Tomlinson


“Concise, useful and not too frequent to mean I wouldn’t read it.

It shows you the opportunities then given the encouragement and advice to take them. Which I did – thank you Chiu-Ki and Cate – I am speaking at my first software conference later this year.”



“This newsletter does more for the encouragement of women and minority speakers than anything else I’ve seen. I get nervous about speaking at unfamiliar conferences, but the vetting process the confs go through to get a CfP promoted by Technically Speaking is brilliant. It means I’m totally confident that, if my talk is accepted, I’ll be at a safe conference: I can stand up and put everything into my talk without worrying about my safety. The range of conferences is huge too! Finally, I can go to just one place for CfPs covering all my skills.”

Gem Barrett


“Technically Speaking is one of my go to newsletter as a frequent mobile developer/speaker/organizer to keep up to date with the most interesting tech conferences that have call to proposals open.

Chui-Ki and Cate do an excellent job of curating the best events. What I like the most is their first hand feedback on which conferences are of the highest value for both speakers and attendees, they have a great deal of experience speaking and developing so it’s always very helpful to have their personal input.”

Suyash Joshi


“Most newsletters I sign up for these days end up just as Inbox clutter, dismissed with an “archive” or the dreaded click of the “unsubscribe” link. Technically Speaking is the exception. I have read every single one I received, and I’ve got a bookmarks folder full of links from them. Chiu-Ki and Cate do a fantastic job of curating a genuinely useful resource on a topic that’s underserved in our industry. I recommend Technically Speaking whenever I talk about public speaking (even to men!) and I think it’s something everyone in technology should subscribe to.”

Kris Howard


“I love how CFPs are highlighted in the newsletter. There’s a range of topics and geographic regions covered, in a format that’s easily digestible at a glance, plus travel reimbursement upfront! It was due to Technically Speaking that I found out about the CFP for next conference I’m giving a talk at, which because it’s a more general conference than a language-specific one means that I probably would’ve missed out on it otherwise. I’m so excited for it!”



“I’m asked pretty often for advice on getting into technical speaking. I’m so glad that the Technically Speaking newsletter exists, because it’s now one of the first things I point people to. I think it has great content, calls out CFPs in a helpful way (navigating CFPs is often a challenge to new speakers) and includes great articles and resources.”

Pam Selle


“Speaking is not only an art to network in today’s world its an art for success. Being intelligent will not get us noticed until we speak out and show case what we have done . ‘Technically speaking’ is the right place to learn this art. All the best wishes to this amazing team.”

Parvathi K Menon


“I caught myself apologising and managed to delete the sentence saying I wasn’t an expert before I replied and accepted. The thought of you gave me confidence!”

Rebecca Evans


“Technically Speaking led me to give my first talk at a conference this year, and I’ll be giving another in a few months. You are totally making an impact.”