Workshop: Conference Proposal Writing

You know your team is fantastic, but does anyone else? This workshop is designed for companies who want to empower their employees to go out into the community and share their amazing work and knowledge. This halo effect can be incredibly effective in hiring – showcase how awesome your company is by showcasing how awesome your team is.

Team benefits

  • Better collaboration – encourages people to share their work with each other.
  • Improved technical communication.
  • Deeper understanding of problems – no better way to learn than to explain!

Individual benefits

  • Demystify the CFP process.
  • Build confidence in areas of expertise.
  • Write a strong bio.
  • Become a part of the wider community.


We alternative between lectures and exercises. By the end of the workshop, everyone would have written a proposal and bio, ready to submit to conferences!

Lecture: Own your expertise
Exercise: What would you talk about?
Lecture: Proposals
Exercise: Write proposal, get feedback
Lecture: Bios
Exercise: Write bio, get feedback
Lecture: Submit early, submit often
Exercise: Define follow up steps with group
Ask Me Anything

This workshop is 3 hours long. An 1-hour lecture-only version is also available.


Read how Lisa White gave her first conference talk as a result of the workshop.

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